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Welcome to TfsGet Docs

TfsGet is a Team Foundation Server 2010 extension that makes it easy to manage tools that extend the functionality of TFS in the form of Tfs Extensions, Check-in Policies and Build Extensions. This topic lists documentation that will help you use TfsGet packages and create your own. This site borrows heavily from NuGet on which the model is bases. As we can, all functionality will be fully compatible with existing NuGet tools.

Start Here

  • Overview
  • Installing TfsGet
  • Managing TfsGet Packages Using The Dialog
  • Using the Package Manager Console
  • Videos

TfsGet FAQ

  • Creating Packages
  • Creating and Publishing a Package
  • Creating and Publishing a Symbol Package
  • Configuration File and Source Code Transformations
  • Package Conventions
  • Hosting Your Own NuGet Feeds
  • Using a GUI to build packages



  • Contributing to TfsGet
  • Contributing to TfsGet Documentation
  • Setting up the TfsGet Development Environment
  • Coding Guidelines
  • Project Guidelines
  • Functional Testing
  • Release Branches
  • Setting Up a Local Gallery

Release Notes

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